About Give India

GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 100 NGOs that have been scrutinized for transparency & credibility.

We do not raise funds for ourselves. We help you donate to these NGOs.

We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through the feedback report. We ensure that at least 90% of your contribution reaches the organization you support (as against the average of 60% for the NGO sector).

Our Mission

To promote efficient and effective giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India.

The last two decades have witnessed a widening of the gap between the rich and poor in India. While the poor in India don't get a fair chance to succeed in life (lack of access to decent education, healthcare and livelihood opportunities), the well-off continue to enjoy benefits from a globalizing economy- greater incomes, reducing taxes, 100% inheritance, etc. The net result is a ticking time-bomb of growing social unrest.

Our Vision

A strong "giving" culture where Indians donate 2% of their income every year to give the poor a chance. A vibrant "philanthropy marketplace" to ensure that the most efficient and effective nonprofits get access to the most resources.

Our Achievements

Over the last 8 years, we have:

  • • Channeled over 100,000 donations totaling over Rs.55crores to more than 150 NGOs all over India, impacting over 1 million lives
  • • Launched India's first "online philanthropy marketplace" (a website where people can donate to causes of THEIR choice) in September 2000
  • • Introduced the concept of Marathon-based fundraising in India. This currently channels over Rs.8crores p.a. in charitable donations
  • • Launched an online Payroll Giving programme in 2004 that already has more than 26,000 donors contributing over Rs. 60lacs per month, and is growing fast

For more details about GiveIndia & our projects please: Visit us at http://www.giveindia.org/default.aspx or Email us at info@giveindia.org or call us at (+91) 22 2389 4944

Quick Donate

Here you’ll find five randomly selected donation options to choose from
  • • Sponsor a destitute person
  • • Sponsor an aspiring entrepreneurs' workshop for poor, needy poor women involved in micro enterprises
  • • Sponsor a special meal for 160 residents for a day
  • • Comprehensive support for an HIV-aids affected child for a year
  • • Support a poor elderly persons' food and medicines for one month