About Hermon Orphanage

Established in 1998, Hermon is a unit of Open Arms Educational and Charitable Trust registered and recognized under the govt. of India, Tamil Nadu. The orphanages are located in various parts of South India focusing the underprivileged and orphans with special concentration on the children whose parents are affected by AIDS and are working as commercial sex workers for their living. It is an established mission oriented work with a mission to serve, love and uplift the less privileged.

Our vision is to serve, love and uplift the less privileged.

Our hope is that through our ministries children who were thrown away yesterday will be leaders tomorrow, in their communities participating in sharing the word of God.

The Hermon child sponsorship program is very unique. Through this sponsorship program, the children will receive needed assistance in the way of meals, clothing or school supplies. The child you sponsor through Hermon orphanage is a child who is in our full time legal custody, who lost his family through a combination of death, abandonment and abuse.

Your sponsorship helps us provide the house that your child is living in, the house parents and other staff who care for your child, three good varied, well- balanced meals every day, clothing, a good education, vocational training medical and dental care, birthday parties, recreational opportunities and everything else your child needs to live a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

Our administrative and fundraising expenditures have only been between 3-5% of our total expenditures. Our intent is to strive to maintain this percentage as the ministry continues to grow, so that most of the funds we receive can continue to be forwarded to the children’s home that we sponsor.

There are several significant ways in which you can help:
  • • Sponsor a child with monthly, half yearly or yearly commitment
  • • Contribute or raise additional financial support needed for the establishment and operation of the children’s Homes and related programs and facilities
  • • Volunteer to work at one of our projects for several months or longer

We focus on
  • • The overall development of the children seeking education
  • • Identifying newer educational techniques to make learning more interesting
  • • Giving enough opportunities to children, to explore their creativity
  • • Ensuring that the educational environment is very healthy that encourages a feeling of togetherness