About SDD

SDD Motto: "Education Emancipation Empowerment"

About Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD):

Education is the key that opens the door of opportunities. It is also the only spark that can ignite minds and liberate them. It is the mother of emancipation, especially so in the case of the depressed sections of the society. So any attempt at emancipating and empowering the depressed sections should start with 'Education First'! Precisely this is what we at the Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD) have been focusing on since its formation way back in 1989. Located in Chetpet in Thiruvannamalai District in Tamil Nadu (India), as a grassroots-level NGO, SDD has, over the years, made a definite dent in the education arena within its jurisdiction by innovating and implementing a multitude of initiatives aimed at supporting as well as supplementing the formal educational opportunities available for children belonging to the depressed sections of the society.


"To strive for a society that is fully emancipated and empowered."


"To emancipate and empower the depressed sections through the instrument of education."

The SDD Organisation:

The SDD team is led by its Founder-President Mr. M. Manavalan, a man who sees and seeks ultimate salvation in education and strongly believes that education can really prove transformational for the depressed sections. Apart from its Founder-President, SDD is equally well-endowed with a team of 10 committed volunteers who share Mr. Manavalan’s vision as well as match him in passion. In fact, it is this team’s infectious enthusiasm and intense effort that have brought education on a serious note to the door-steps of the depressed sections living in and around Chetpet.

SDD – Projects:

Over the years, Mr. Manavalan and his team through their words and deeds have patiently and passionately driven home the message that for a child belonging to the depressed section education is not a luxury, but instead an absolute necessity. It is the only passport that can transport the child to a better tomorrow. Amidst the heat and the dust, SDD, through its constant drumming and its sustained 'Education First' Campaign, has proved to be a change-agent in its operational jurisdiction. As a part of its 'Education First' Campaign, currently SDD has in place four major initiatives, viz.,

Student Sponsorship Programme
Free Tuition Centres
Free Computer Training
Summer Camp for Students and
Setting up a finishing school

SDD the Impact:

In the early years, as greenhorns, we at SDD used to deal with diverse issues affecting the depressed sections, trying to find piecemeal solution to each of them. Nonetheless, with time we have got wiser and have realised that education is the key to alleviating all the ills afflicting the depressed masses. So now SDD is singleminded in its focus and takes up only those initiatives that go to improve the educational opportunities and facilities available for the children belonging to the depressed sections. Through these kind of programes SDD has achieved the following:

- 200 children enrolled in the school through school enrollment campaign
- 600 SSLC students get pass in the school final examination and they are the social change agents in their respective villages
- Thumb uimpression eradicatted in 40 villages and 1200 women know read and write
- 20 children got sponsorshiop for their educational requirements
- 150 chuildren undergone special coaching in the evening education centres
- 30 students guided to got chance get their better education and employment
- 35 students are getting computer education

Donate Online:Your support can be by way of financial contribution for one or more of our specific projects or towards SDD’s general corpus. That would help us expand the scope of activities.You can donate to make these proposed projects a reality by supporting online. All donations/contributions from Indian residents are eligible for exemption under Sec 12-AA/80-G of the Income Tax Act. SDD also registered in the Ministry of Home Affairs under FCRA act to receive foreign contributions.

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