About Vibha

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see. India, by one count, has 18 million street children and over 22 million child laborers. Millions of children go to bed each night, hungry and without the warmth of a home. Many have neither been to school nor have access to basic healthcare. The future of these children is at risk and they need you to empower them with their right to health, education and opportunity!

Vibha the organisation

Vibha means “inner radiance” or “brightness” in Sanskrit, and it signifies our organization’s vision of providing every underprivileged child with an opportunity for a bright future. Founded in 1991, Vibha is a registered non-profit organization with volunteer-based team of students, young professionals and home makers who volunteer to ensure health, education and economic opportunities for the underprivileged children.

Vibha – The Impact

Today, Vibha is a volunteer movement spread across 14 Action Centers and several cities of USA and India. With the help of over 800 volunteers, Vibha raises awareness and resources to enable child development projects. With patronage of individuals such as you, Vibha has supported more than 170 projects in India and 18 in the USA, positively impacting the lives of more than 150,000 children.

Vibha – Projects

The focus areas for Vibha projects are:

  • • Education - Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Non-formal
  • • Vocational Training
  • • Health care for Children and Mothers
  • • Eradication of Child Labor
  • • Children in Vulnerable Environments
  • • Physically and/or Mentally Challenged Children

Vibha ensures that the projects do not discriminate based on gender, caste, race, religion, political affiliation or language. Vibha follows an exhaustive evaluative process which includes quantitative metrics such as the number of children impacted, the cost per activity or child and qualitative measures including the impact on the local community, structure and long term sustainability of the organization. For more details about Vibha & our projects please: Visit us at http://www.vibha.org or Email us at info@vibha.org or call us at 408-997-9992.

You Can Help

You can join hands with Vibha and help in a number of unique ways…

Help Them Grow- Our Automated Donation Program gives you the convenience to contribute a fixed amount of your choice every month directly through your bank account or credit card. A monthly contribution of..
• $ 75 supports a non-formal education center attended by 25 children
• $ 30 supports education and health care of a mentally challenged child
• $ 20 supports education, health care and shelter for a child

Sign up for this program at www.vibha.org/htg. All donations are tax-deductible in USA.

Volunteer- Vibha offers you the opportunity to volunteer for activities specific to your skills, interests and time. You can participate at a local Action Center to create awareness about the cause, organize fundraisers, be a webmaster, promote programs or help the marketing team. Submit your volunteering interests online at www.vibha.org/volunteer.

Make A Donation-You can also make a one time monetary contribution online at www.vibha.org/donate. All donations are tax-deductible in USA.